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Ping pong balls over string lights. So much cheaper than the fancy lights

DIY glowing balls

The Foamerator, the most awesome homemade toy ever! Cut the bottom off a water bottle and cover it up with a damp piece of old terry cloth & secure with a rubber band. Then dip into bubble soap and blow into the mouthpiece--watch HUGE bubble snakes emerge! Easy video tutorial. Made these with kids at the library and they loved 'em!

Summer Craft: The Foamerator! | Crafts | Spoonful

Water Balloon Pinatas are perfect for a hot summer day of fun. p would love this!

Milk Allergy Mom: Graham's 5th Birthday ~ A Backyard Water Party!

I SPY for road trips......Very cute, used when we went camping. I put these in a sheet protector and had dry erase markers. Marlee (5) was able to cross off quite a few of them!

Prepared NOT Scared!: Preparedness Project - Travel Bag!

30 Lovely Beach Family Photos | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design

HumorLib - Beach smileys

I need to remember this. This is a great idea when summertime comes! How to cut a watermelon more efficiently.