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Seminar by the Behavior Doctor

Seminar by the Behavior Doctor

draw your attention to POSITIVE behavior! As chaos ensues within the classroom (and by chaos I mean anything from "getting a little chatty" to "full on riots"), I look for someone who is doing the right thing. And then... DING! I whack my little bell and the room comes to a screeching halt. Because: a) They know somebody is about to get awarded a tally and (even if they were the one go-go dancing on a desk they still hold a flicker of) hope that it will be their name c...

Whole class management tool- when the class works together, they get a piece to a puzzle. When the puzzle is complete, they earn a reward!

  • Storm Boutott

    I do this, however, students must complete a math problem in order to color in the picture. But I like that this is a physical activity and the fact that you can cut up pics of the class to use.

Repost of Flip Charts and Why I Hate Them

image- This is a great - super great way to get in contact with your students and their parents. Your cell phone number is hidden- so they can't call you- but you can send reminders about home-work - information that parents and students need etc. Remind101 - it's an app on your phone. I use it in my college classes- but if I was still teaching public school- I would use it in the classroom. You could tweet behavioral tips to parents. Imagine the possibilities.

The Remind101 Blog

Positive Behavior Support at the Tertiary Level: Red Zone Strategies: Laura A. Riffel: 9781412982016: Books

Mo state pbis website

Missouri Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support

Second Grade Nest: Bird Cage Behavior Management (Monday Made It)

Second Grade Nest: Bird Cage Behavior Management (Monday Made It)

For Good Bus Behavior!

Homemade | Mrs. Clontz

bus behavior tickets for boys

Teachers Notebook

LOVE THIS!!! This teacher holds a "reading raffle" and students enter their tickets in the bins with the book they most want to win. :} Tickets earned through behavior and responsibility... Hold the raffle once a month...

Delicious Donuts This printable donut bag is a darling way to present a tasty treat! It also makes for a fabulous, but inexpensive way to show appreciation if your child is in middle school, and youre thanking more than one teacher!

PBIS Training

SAMPLE LESSON - PBIS Lunchroom Expectations

PBIS Expectations - Mr. Watanabe's Class Website

PBIS Expectations - Mr. Watanabe's Class Website

ELEMENTARY Teacher Tier 1 Role in PBIS