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Male Call (B-24 Nose Art)

Maid of the Mist

P-51C Mustang Donald S. Lopez sits inside the cockpit of hisP-51C Mustang "Lope's Hope III," in Chiahkiang, China, Nov. 11, 1944. He served with the 23rd Fighter Group, 14th Air Force.

F.W. Hunter, Army test pilot, Douglas Aircraft Company plant at Long Beach, Calif. (LOC) by The Library of Congress, via Flickr

B-24 Liberator - Lady Be Good, running low on fuel, Pilot 1st Lt Hatton shut down 3 of the 4 engines to conserve gasoline, but in the end the fliers were forced to bail out. They did not try to land the Lady with its radio and precious supply of food & water because they thought they were over the sea. Eight of the 9 men came down about 15 miles from the crash site but did not search for the plane. The 9th man, bombardier 2Lt Lt John S. Woravka did not join up & his body was never found.

In 1942, 24 year old Denis Copping crash landed in the Saharan Desert in a damaged P-40 fighter aircraft. Lost for 70 years, the wreck, in remarkable condition, was discovered last month.

Nose guns of a P-38 Lightning aircraft lighting up the night sky as an armorer test-fired weapons after routine maintenance, date unknown