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Personalized Dog Collars

Hate jingling tags? Worried about your dog's safety? The personalized dog collar is the solution! Our personalized dog collars are high quality collars with your dog's name and information engraved or embroidered right onto the collar. No need for hanging dog tags! Whether you go with a rivet-on nameplate, our trademark ScruffTag Collar, or a designer embroidered collar - you'll love the quality and functionality of these collars!

Love the #retro print of this personalized dog collar! Looks super comfy too!

Bandana Print Dog Collar - love it! Perfect for summer on my pooch - Red, White and Blue for the 4th! Plus, dog's name is engraved right on the buckle!

Comfy padded collar with fun accent colors like red, blue, green, and pink! Plus, engraved nameplate - via

Chevron Dog Collars - For dogs big and small! 13 cute designs to choose from with a personalized laser-engraved buckle!

NFL Dog Collars with personalized buckles - Choose from 15 of the #NFL's top teams!

It's all about the #Chevron - Personalized Buckle Chevron Dog Collars by Jessie at

Our top seller, the Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar - now comes in #Purple! $34 at

Custom #Christmas Leather Padded Dog Collars - Just in time for the holiday season! Cozy and soft on your dog's neck plus adorned with a #Holiday patterned ribbon of your choice! Comes with laser-engraved plastic buckle. $39 at

Designer Leather Padded Dog Collars - Three layers of materials for a strong and elegant collar. Comes with engraved personalized buckle! $39 at

Have a dog with material sensitivities? Many of our personalized collars are made of super soft and smooth fabrics.

Personalized Buckle Nylon Dog Collars- 14 Color Options with strong plastic side release buckle that has your dog's name and info engraved right on it! $29 at

Embroidered Dog Collars are an excellent alternative to hanging dog tags! Plus, we've got some fun patterns and material options at!

Beautiful- high quality leather. Looks great on my big chocolate lab. - Alyssa

Our #nylon Personalized ScruffTag #Dog Collars are new and improved. All 14 color options are made of strong, colorfast nylon material. Plus - #MadeinUSA and no hanging tags!

Personalized Fishtail Paracord Dog Collar DIY Kit - Perfect for toy and small dog breeds! Amazing selection of color combinations!

Feeling crafty? When not build your own Personalized Paracord Dog Collar/? Entire kit and instructions available at

Italian Leather Personalized Dog Collars - Water-Resistant and Super Soft! $45 at

Embroidered Striped Personalized Dog Collars - $29 at!

Huge variety of Embroidered Dog Collars in all kinds of designs and styles - starting at $29

Got leather? dogIDs has a wide selection of leather collars - from basic to personalized, small to large breed, and in all kinds of colors!

Does your dog have style? Fit them up with a designer dog collar from!

Personalized Bison Leather Dog Collars - Heavy duty and super-soft!! $45 at

Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag QR Code Dog Collars - Comes with free membership to PetHub! $34 at

Reflective ScruffTag QR Code Dog Collars - Great way for your dog to stay safe and be reunited with you if they're lost! $34 at

Camouflage QR Code ScruffTag Dog Collar - scan with smartphone to your dog's profile page! $34 at