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Sugar Free Lemonade Pie with jello, cream cheese, Crystal Light Lemonade powder & graham crust

Lighter General Tso’s Chicken - A lightened-up, baked version made with half the calories. And it tastes even better than the original!

Unless you fell off the treadmill and smacked your face, no one wants to hear about your workout. | Snarkecards

I don't know as i would eat at this produce market...not that there's anythng wrong with it.

The Beatles were pretty funny.

Just a few reasons to own a dog...I'm pretty sure I teared up scrolling through these

Dump A Day Top 35 Demotivational Posters Of The Week

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

My kind of challenge

I totally read this in the voice of the little girl that would say "I made this!" At the end of each X-Files episode! Hahaha

anti joke chicken. Repinning this because My husband laughed so freaking hard at it.

Oh my goodness.

I am imagining me throwing my fork down on my plate and handing it to my friend in an angry manner.

Low-Fat Zucchini Brownie

it's all fun and games until… your jeans don't fit anymore


Always wore dresses like this to school, girls were not allowed to wear pants, . . (in the winter on cold days, my mom would put long pants on us UNDER the dress to keep us warm)

Monkey Bread Muffins Recipe. (Use a cookie sheet under the muffin tin. Don't need to fill the cups very much. 1 can of "grands" makes 12. Half the recipe for topping and sugar mixture.)

Lemon-Blueberry Breakfast Cake

"Probably one of the most interesting morphological features of the elephant is its trunk. The trunk is an extremely flexible muscular organ which can be used with the finest touch. It is an important part of an elephant's life by being used as an exploratory organ, for feeding, for drinking and for friendly wrestling matches."