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20 Somethings: Getting a Smart Financial Start

Info for young adults just starting out. Get a wide range of tips and advice on topics such as money, housing, college, careers, auto buying, and much more. Visit our 20 Somethings section weekly at for our latest content.

How to avoid crushing student debt

Best industries for becoming a millionaire

Best industry for millionaires « Bankrate, Inc.

Is wearable technology worth buying yet?

How oversharing on social media can cost you

Earning Money While in College | - A little extra income is always helpful

Earning Money While In College

New Grad's Guide to Personal Finance - Online - New graduates face a learning curve after college when it comes to managing personal finances. Some great tips for students in this infographic.

New Grad's Guide to Personal Finance -

Be smart. Read this.

4 Rules For Becoming Debt Free By Age 30 - The Daily Positive

How to negotiate a raise: 7 tips for getting what you want

How TV affects your credit card spending

How TV Affects Your Credit Card Spending |

The 8 Beers of Personal Finance

The 8 Beers of Personal Finance - The New York Budget

How to Start a Career After College | Young Finances

Do bloggers need liability insurance?

Blogger Insurance: Coverage From Post to Post |

The Emotions Behind Buying Stuff | - How does shopping make you feel?

The Emotions behind Buying Stuff

You tweeted what?!? 9 social media no-no's that can get you fired.

Avoid These Social Media Mistakes at a New Job |

Need more financial aid for college? Here are 6 reasons a school just might help you out.

6 Reasons Colleges May Increase Your Financial Aid |

Talking Money with Potential Mates | - What is okay to ask a potential partner about money and when? How do you bring the subject up without seeming like a braggart, a miser, or someone looking for a meal ticket?

Talking Money with Potential Mates

3 More Secrets to Living like a Millionaire | - Vital habits for anyone wanting to build financial independence and lead a satisfying life

3 More Secrets to Living like a Millionaire