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Free office suite packages are threatening the market dominance of traditional software, and it's time to take advantage of them.

Free Office Suite Packages

5 simple ways to save money in 5 minutes

5 Simple Ways To Save Money In 5 Minutes |

All it takes is a few simple clicks to connect you to a land of deals, discounts, and even free goods.

Smartphone Restaurant Saving Apps

Choosing Frugality: How Frugality Became a Career Choice |

My Brother's Second Career

Free Your Music | - How to pay less for the tunes you love

How to Get Your Affordable Digital Music

A Little Stretching | - Want to make your hard-earned dollar go a little further? Practice stretching and see how a little adds up to a lot.

A Little Stretching

Spending to Deal with Stress | - Spending doesn't need to be out of control to be non-productive

Spending to Deal With Stress

Should You Sell to "American Pickers"? | - What's the best way to turn collectibles into cash?

Should You Sell to American Pickers?

Using to Save Money | - A social media site that could save you money

Using to Save Money

7 times you can save money by spending more money

When you can save money by spending more

Buying and Selling with a Facebook Group | - While most use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, a frugal new use is immerging.

Buying and Selling with Facebook User Groups

Can you carry a concealed weapon into a bank?

Should You Carry a Concealed Weapon Into a Bank? |

One woman shares how her constant anxiety over money caused her to go overboard with her frugal habits, which adversely affected her life in many ways.