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Baby Boomers on a Budget

142 Pins

Baby Boomers on a Budget

  • 142 Pins

Reverse mortgage and your adult children

End-of-life planning tips

Jean Chatzky: End-of-life planning tips « Bankrate, Inc.

Estate planning can be a tough aspect of financial planning. Talking with heirs about legacy plans is often overlooked. Here's how to start.

6 Things to Do With Your Children Before You Make Legacy Plans

Nursing home, assisted living or independent living? How to compare senior living options for a loved one

Nursing Home, Assisted Living, or Independent Living?

How you can catch up on IRA and 401k contributions after age 50

Catch-Up Contributions To IRA, 401(k) At Age 50? |

Baby Boomers plan to age in place

Can you really age in place? « Bankrate, Inc.

Retirement living: Theme-based communities for retirees

6 steps to using credit cards to manage caregiving costs

The best thing you can do for your children is teach them to stand on their own. These suggestions will help you get your adult children living at home to contribute.

Adult Children Living With Their Parents

Make your retirement benefits pay out longer

Make your benefits pay out longer « Bankrate, Inc.

Get ready to live to 120! How retirement planning needs to change as we live longer

Get ready to live to 120 « Bankrate, Inc.

Use a reverse mortgage to buy a home? The pros and cons

Pros, Cons Of Buying Home With A Reverse Mortgage |

In a time of rising food prices, it's the wise baby boomer that does what they can to reduce food waste and reduce their grocery bill.

How Baby Boomers Can Reduce Food Waste

6 ways to flub a small business plan as you approach retirement

6 ways to flub a small biz plan « Bankrate, Inc.

7 retirement investing mistakes

7 Retirement Investing Mistakes to Avoid |

MMS 023 - What's Your Retirement Number? With special guest @Financial Mentor

Estate Planning: 5 Tips to Keep Your Online Assets Safe

Estate Plan for Digital Assets

If you'd like to help prevent diseases such Alzheimer's or dementia as you grow older, use these low-cost suggestions for improving your brainpower.

Improving Brainpower on a Budget

Reverse Mortgages: How to extract money from your home

Are you thinking about moving back into the rental market? Here are 6 things baby boomers should consider before renting.

6 Things Boomers Should Consider Before Entering Rental Market

Shortcuts to a happy retirement

After three decades as a financial planner, I'm seeing more and more clients reach, not just retirement, but their final years. An issue that becomes especially important at this stage of life is how to protect your financial resources from an unexpected threat, namely yourself.

Protect Financial Resources

Savvy ways to tap your retirement funds

Savvy Ways To Withdraw Retirement Funds |