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Making the Most of Sewing | - Practices that will stretcher your sewing dollar

Candle Creations | - Fun, easy way to bring warmth to your home

CAN-TERN | The Cheap Life with Jeff Yeager | AARP - An easy DIY project to make your own outdoor lanterns from tin cans.

Art Journaling | - With art journaling, create beautiful and unique personal journals and gifts

Organizing Craft Supplies | - When your craft supply greatly exceeds the demand

Organizing Craft Supplies

Finding Inexpensive Yarn | - Tips on how to buy yarn for less

Finding Inexpensive Yarn

Sewing 101 | - A few tips to help you get started

Learning a New Skill Frugally! | - What you know could save you money

Making Art Without Going Broke | - Try these 10 tips to creating art without spending a lot in the process

Sewing Savings | - Towards "cents"-ible sewing

Learning to Sew | - How can you learn this money-saving skill?

Low Cost Creativity | - How to save on craft supplies

Sewing Again | - Finding fabric for less

Easy Kids' Crafts for Autumn | - Fall family fun for all ages

Christmas for the Craft Impaired | - Make a stack of Christmas treasures!

Homemade Bubble Bath Gifts | - A gift that's bound to bring a smile now and a relaxed sigh later!

Simple Autumn Craft Ideas | - If you're looking for some craft ideas to share with your kids, try one of these great autumn craft ideas.

Flower Pressing | - How to press flowers and earn money from home

Selling Crafts | - How to make money selling the stuff you make

Fall Leaf Collage | - Easy to make and provides hours of fall fun

The Wearing O'The Green | - Recycled yarn projects prove rewarding

My Story: Christmas Craft Club | - She starts now and it's easy going.

  • Kathy Moon

    LOVE this! and it's something the grand kids can do with me!!