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Lower Your Cooling Costs

With record heat this year, we all could use some frugal ways to stay cool this summer!

I'm Hot! Turn on the Furnace??? Yes your furnace can help keep you cooler! |

Ceiling Fan Cleaning & Maintenance | - Get ready for the warmer months

Ceiling Fan Cleaning and Maintenance

What Make My Electric Bill So High | - Would an energy audit help to reduce it?

Beat Energy Costs: Home Insulation | - Reduce wasted energy and save money

How to Install a Programmable Thermostat | - You can lower your heating and cooling bills!

How to Install a Programmable Thermostat

9 Ways to Cut Heating and Cooling Costs in Your Home | - Reducing the cost of a comfortable home

Cheaper Summer Cooling | - It's that time of year again. When the temperatures rise and shade is a wonderful relief. What can you do to reduce those cooling bills?

Can A New Air Conditioner Save You Money? | - How to determine if you should spend the money on a new unit.

Keeping Cool This Summer! | - Try these low cost cooling options.

Keeping Cool this Summer

Shopping for Lowest Electric Rates | - Could you be paying too much for electricity?

5 Summer Energy Savers | - Whenever you save energy, the environment benefits and your summer energy bills are reduced. Here are a few ideas to keep you cooler as well as shave a few dollars off those monthly energy bills.

How to Save Energy and Cut Cooling Costs - 10 sensible ways to save money and still keep cool

How to Save Energy and Cut Cooling Costs

7 Ways to Save on Your Summer Cooling Costs

Cheaper Summer Cooling for Apartment Dwellers | - Apartment dwellers feel the sting of higher cooling bills, too, but can't take all the same money-saving steps that home owners can to lower cooling costs. Here are some things apartment dwellers can do to reduce the amount spent on keeping comfortable this summer.

Cheaper Summer Cooling

4 Steps to Fighting High Summer Energy Bills | - The steps to reducing your summer energy bills are quite practical and easy for anyone to follow. Most of us have bad energy-using habits at home that add up eventually. The trick is to practice these procedures and to use common sense during times of possible energy shortages.

9 Ways to Cool Down Air-Conditioning Costs