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Dreary hardwood floors, sticky vinyl, “unknown substance” in the kitchen? Use our DIY cleaning recipe survival guide for some green cleaning. #DIY #Cleaning

Top 40 DIY Projects for Natural Living

Top 40 DIY Projects for Natural Living - Shalom Mama

Detox bath recipes for bloating, musle pain, back pain, better sleep, fever, and more -

Detox Bath Recipes For Bloating, Back Pain, Better Sleep, & Colds

Natural Meals in Minutes: Fast, Easy and Cheap Bean Soups in Only 3 Minutes! | - If feeling well and being healthy are important, we can and must learn to take better care of our bodies. And, we can even enjoy the process.

Natural Healthcare for Houseplants | - Give your plants the best. Treat them naturally!

Natural Healthcare for Houseplants

Grow Your Own Edible Sprouts | - A special addition to many hot and cold foods

Grow Your Own Edible Sprouts

Using Lemons for Health and Cleaning | - It's surprising what you can do with a simple lemon

Container Grow Your Own Salad Greens | - For the price of a single grocery store salad, you can grow enough of your own leafy greens to have fresh, organic salads for weeks! You need very little space, hardly any preparation, and only a little bit of effort.

Save Money and the Environment | - There are ways to save the environment without spending a lot of cash up front

Reusing Jars and Containers | - Why buy containers that duplicate what you're throwing away?

Living Off the Grid in the City | - Taking steps toward independence

Living Off the Grid in the City

Self-Sufficient, Food-Wise | - Are you prepared to survive tough times and prosper in times that aren't so tough?

My Story: Why I Buy Organic Foods | - Frugality is a means to self-reliance and independence