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Preparing for a Frugal Holiday Season

Frugal time- and money-saving tips for Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the winter holidays.

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5 ways to ditch your unwanted holiday gifts - Not everybody buys from your wish list. Follow these tips to unload your holiday gift stinkers.Is it better to cash out early from a high-income job or work longer for lower pay?

9 savvy holiday moves to make this fall - Autumn is here, and the holidays are right around the corner. Here's how to save before they begin.

9 Ways To Manage Holiday Spending |

The Gift Box | - She used to panic in December, but not anymore!

Buying Gifts Ahead

Holiday Shopping | - Get ready, get set, done!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year | - Do a little Christmas shopping each month

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Club Accounts | - Don't put another holiday season on your credit card

The 12 Months of Christmas | - Avoid packed stores in December and nasty bills in the new year

The Gift Budget | - How 11 forgotten months can save you time and money

Opening Your Home for the Holidays | - Will you survive holiday visitors?

Holiday Houseguests

Apples, Oranges and Stick of Hard Candy | - Christmas in Mom's day presented different challenges

Holiday Decorating for Pennypinchers | - It doesn't take a lot of cash to decorate with panache

Holiday Decorating for Pennypinchers

Let's Bake a Tradition | - You'll enjoy the taste today and the tradition for years

Wrap It for Less! | - Pretty... not pretty expensive!

Unique Gifts for Teens | - Tired of giving the same gifts year after year? Are you looking for something unique to give your teens? Check these out!

Unique Gifts for Teens

Easy Does It Christmas Food | - Create a simple, yet delicious snack buffet

Holiday Entertaining

Take a Can of Gold Spray Paint... | - In with the old and make it look new

Holiday Decorating

Inexpensive Office Gifts | - Are office gifts burdening your budget?

Inexpensive Office Gifts

Kids and Holiday Decorating | - What fun would the holidays be if you didn't include your kids in the decorating?

Instead of Gifts | - Creating new, more meaningful family traditions

Start Next Year's Holiday Shopping Now | - 5 pointers to maximize the January shopping potential

Before Giving a Gift Card | - Read gift card fine print carefully

A Dozen Holiday Hints | - Holiday hints for an easier and faster holiday

Holiday Buffets | - How to arrange and organize your buffet so that it seems expensive, but it's not.

Holiday Buffets

Reducing the Cost of Wrapping Gifts | - Would you be willing to throw cash in the trash?