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Preparing for a Frugal Holiday Season

Frugal time- and money-saving tips for Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the winter holidays.

The 12 Months of Christmas | - Avoid packed stores in December and nasty bills in the new year

Apples, Oranges and Stick of Hard Candy | - Christmas in Mom's day presented different challenges

Holiday Decorating for Pennypinchers | - It doesn't take a lot of cash to decorate with panache

Holiday Decorating for Pennypinchers

Let's Bake a Tradition | - You'll enjoy the taste today and the tradition for years

Unique Gifts for Teens | - Tired of giving the same gifts year after year? Are you looking for something unique to give your teens? Check these out!

Take a Can of Gold Spray Paint... | - In with the old and make it look new

Holiday Decorating

Kids and Holiday Decorating | - What fun would the holidays be if you didn't include your kids in the decorating?

Start Next Year's Holiday Shopping Now | - 5 pointers to maximize the January shopping potential

Holiday Buffets | - How to arrange and organize your buffet so that it seems expensive, but it's not.

Less Is More This Christmas | - Learning to relax and enjoy the holiday season