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Precious object with four small telescopes pendant, mounted on a brass chatelaine, of various shapes and an eyeglass case with mother of pearl shell.This type of pendant Lunettes Breloques was in vogue in the early nineteenth century and was brought to the vest with some fassamani: it was the prevailing fashion for Incroyables (fops and dandies) who wanted to get noticed on the streets of Paris.

I *love* chatelaines (though technically, this cannot be called a "chatelaine" as it was created before the word came to use to describe items like this) “Set of 5 small telescopes mounted on a pendant brass chatelaine. The pendants are of different shape. This type of telescope pendant Lunettes Breloques was in vogue in the early nineteenth century, was brought to the vest along with a few pairs of glasses (fassamani). It was the prevailing fashion for les incroyables that roamed the...

Closeup of the pen knife from the chatelaine - but what is really keen is the chain - I haven't seen any like that before.

Hidden Love Locket Pin Harbour a loved one's face or lock of hair within this delicate chatelaine brooch with inset seed pearls and crystals.

A chatelaine was an ornamental clasp, from which hung many useful tools: scissors, needlecase, keys, etc.

  • Barb Roberts

    @Patricia Kennedy - Do you know what that wheel tool is on the far left. I just acquired a chatelaine from 1888 and it has me puzzled.

  • Patricia Kennedy

    It could be a tape measure but I'm just guessing.

The concept of the chatelaine began with the simple convenience of hanging a purse from a belt.

Chatelaine ring with hanging mesh coin purse. Chatelaine is a decorative belt hook or clasp worn at the waist with a series of chains suspended from it.

antique sterling pin purse with chatelaine dangles. $850

Miniature Rose Magnifying Glass for Chatelaine $44.99