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Gypsy Wagons, Teeny Tiny Homes, Treehouses

In the far future, when I am rich (ha!), I am going to have a writers' getaway, where they can isolate themselves in a gypsy wagon or tiny house or treehouse and write, write, write.

Gypsy vardo Wouldn't it be fun to be a gypsy for a while? Where is my tambourine?

Gypsy Wagon-We traveled in something similar to this every summer of my childhood...except it was bigger and white and said CRUISE AMERICA on the side of it. Super tacky.

Appleby 2007 gypsy bowtop caravan horse fair. Why don't I have a caravan already?

Whimsical Treetop Sanctuary on Crystal River, Colorado by Green Line Architects.

New Orleans pretty painted house - tiny shotgun house

House in a Box: bedroom, kitchen, bath, small living room and loft all contained in 317 square feet

Gypsy Caravan by Lu:this looks like a playhouse version to me. I can imagine a little girl's joy if she could have naptime in there.


A Craftsman Style Tiny House