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Some Bunny Loves You

My heart has been captured.

Loves her sister

So. . .Very. . . Cute. Bunnies need special care, but that cuteness makes it all worth while!

Ellie, one of our Facebook followers sent us the most adorable picture this afternoon we just had to share it with you all - "Little 'Biscuit' is our 4th rescue rabbit and she's definitely our softest little bunny. She loves being inside with us all, she's only been with us since Monday but has really made herself at home!! She's so beautiful, were lucky to have her. We're hoping that she will bond with Woody, our male lop, I'll keep you posted!!"

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 74 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 74 Pics


Bunny Birthday!

Reader Squee: Bunday Birthday!
  • Donita Paul

    True, Linda, too true. My bunny stops after a few bites. I wish I ran away to play after two bites.

  • Linda (LMT)

    Me too Donita. I have a hard time walking away from sweets. My comment was to provide information for "new" bunny parents even though we both know it's just a cute picture. :)

  • Donita Paul

    You are very conscientious. I have learned so much about bunnies in the last two years. I will try to always have a bunny now. They are the perfect pet for me.

  • Linda (LMT)

    I write educational articles for an on-line newsletter for the rescue I support. A dear friend who has rabbits shares a tremendous amount of knowledge with me. I now am confident enough to share what I learn and research with others. Bunnies are the best! but so misunderstood by many. Education is so important. (

  • Donita Paul

    thanks for the website URL

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{Mr Doodlebugs photo by Lisa on Etsy}

Mr Doodlebugs's Bunny Profile on

Smile (04/24/14)

rabbit tongues just don't feel or look as one would expect.

A life without bunnies... Who would you be? A life without these gentle, loving, beautiful friends... I just wouldn't be me!

Bunnies are third in the best pet scheme of things, but they make a good showing at third.

Gotta treat for me?

Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits - tiniest bunnies that are endangered.

Zoo experts hope rabbit romance sparks panda passion

Big Flemish Giant Bunny Rabbit Attacks Apple

Big Flemish Giant Bunny Rabbit Attacks Apple