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Hi babies! Miss you all!!

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This is Us!

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Hey girlies! Miss you all! Been busy! Follow my sissy @Waliyha Malik :)x miss you girls!!! -Doni

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Skype - anyone? Haha ill add you just leave your skype name below! Add me DoniyaMalikxx ill be waiting :)

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I'm happy for @Luke Hemmings and @Gemma Styles god bless you both :)

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Happy birthday niall :)

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Happy birthday Liam! You are a man now.

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She's my favorite follower ❤ 😂

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Loves! Follow miss @Perrie Edwards haha xxx no she has a new one :) @Kacie pin her new one :)

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EVERYONE go follow liam ❤😘😍❤☺

  • Shelsea Escobar


  • Sarah

    Could you follow me please doniya? :) it'd mean Soo much to me!

  • Eliza Paige

    Wait what do you mean you don't know about "that account" is it fake????

  • bri♛

    Because once people made an account to make it look like Liam but it wasn't him. But this account is real.

  • кαєℓα♡

    Could you please follow me @Doniya Malik you are so lucky to be sister in law with Perrie Edwards!!

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Haha this is random but I'm thinking of hacking zayn again to follow directioners :) and someone hacked zayns Accont and said rude things about Taylor and Selena cuz zayn ain't here.

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You girls should follow @Zayn Malik !

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Up All Night by One Direction ( sung by Nicole Sammons ) comment what you think!

Don't judge yourself girls!!! You are beautiful! 🌺 All of you :)x

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