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It's a little blurry, but this perfectly formed snowflake that fell on my mitten this morning reminded me that if God cares enough to create a magnificent snowflake that lasts for a few moments, he must have created me with amazing purpose. We are all differently and specifically formed to fulfill our role on the earth. Bloom where you're planted indeed!

Oh man! Now it comes in black and looks fabulous. I probably 'need' this since its the big brother of my Core bag. Right? ;)

I love, love, love my Livewell360 bag! Vented shoe compartment, need I say more?

These almonds are DELICIOUS. That is all.

Specifically sized bras by Under Armour that don't move, chafe, or 'trap you'....LOVE at first wear!

I want this coat is emerald green or deep aqua! :)

  • Tanya Wright

    Ooooohhhhhh...aqua!!! Will match the heels I'm currently obsessed with! :)

My new vegetable love!! Dill, fresh cracked pepper, and CARROTS! Yummers!!

Leggo my rice cake! I totally think I should get this to haul around my rice cakes so they don't CRUSH into a bazillion pieces when I put them in my lunch. Pure Brilliance.