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Media and Self Image

Here's the thing. Women's bodies aren't perfect nor should they be how we define their worth and contribution in the world.

She's someone. What if we saw women for who they actually are? What if we believed we could stop trafficking? What if we stepped up and spoke out? What if...???

You are SO much more than a number!

Every magazine picture has been photoshopped. Stop believing the lies!

Liar, liar, airbrushed abs on fire! Seriously! I hate these magazines!!

  • Adrianne Drebert

    hahahahahahahhahahahaha - airbrushed abs on fire! i must be a sucker for these kind of lines - i first noticed dave because he got me laughing when he said "cheater cheater pants on fire!" during a game of dutch blitz

  • Jon Hoffman

    Seems like they put a different head on the body...almost seems like a bobblehead doll!

  • Exsoycise

    Haha love it!! These magazines are crap!