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Tips from Auto Detailers on how to clean your auto like a pro!

Scrapbook paper outlet covers! Make the perfect cover for every room, for cheap!

A veteran painting contractor shares his secrets for painting walls fast, yet producing first-rate results.

18 Ways to Deep Clean Your Home ~ Some really good ideas, pick one a day until the list is done.

Peeling a Tomato: When making a fresh tomato sauce, you know you'll have to deal with the chore of peeling the skin off. The microwave can make that just a bit easier. Pop them in for 30 seconds (let rest for two minutes) and the tomato skin will slip off easily - Kitchen Daily

how to get free music--legally...great for transitions!

Good to know: Plants have best friends just like people do. Marigolds help tomatoes and roses grow better. Nasturtiums keep bugs away from squash and broccoli. Petunias protect beans from beetles and oregano chases them away from cucumbers. Geraniums keep Japanese beetles away from roses and corn. Chives make carrots sweeter, and basil makes tomatoes even tastier

Who knew - add baking soda to the water when hard boiling eggs and the shell will come right off ~~ add 1/2 tsp of baking soda to the water it will make the egg shell easier to peel. I'm definitely going to try this!

Laundry room, bathroom, kitchen...