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Willem de Kooning - seated woman Professional Artist is the foremost business magazine for visual artists. Visit ProfessionalArtis....

Willem de Kooning -

How to Use a Palette Knife to Scrape Out Paint - Watercolor Painting Tutorial creative club

Glowing Stones, 13040 by Carol Nelson mixed media ~ 12 x 6

Glowing Stones, 13040

❥ Watercolor by Jeannie Vodden

Online Gallery | Jeannie Vodden Art

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Start the Art - from Jane Davenport "When I get stuck, I say those simple words to myself… “start the art Jane…. just start….” Not “I have to paint a masterpiece today”. I don’t have to create perfect art. I don’t even have to make ‘good art’. I just need to commence creating."

Start The Art - Jane Davenport Artist


My palette | The Sketchbook

Creating Unity with Underglazing in Watercolor

Using Darks to Make Lights Part 2

Edges Explained: Hard, Soft, Found, Lost

No Really, That's How I Do It - Divine Detail | American Society of Botanical Artists

Trailer for The Starting Point for Watercolors with Sterling Edwards

Watercolor Techniques with Don Andrews - Creating Edge Quality - YouTube

Watercolor yellow tulips video part 2

Discovering Waldorf - 'Wet-on-wet Watercolor Painting'. - The Magic Onions she describes it so beautifully!

▶ Fishing Shack - A Watercolor Tutorial by Jan Pastor - Part 1 - YouTube

How to paint rock in watercolor

"Art is one of those things we simply must do so that our spirits may grow." - Colleen Sgroi

Art Quote | Voice of the Artist