Hellebore by Marianne Grundy-van Es

Akvareller -

2012 Kanta Harusaki watercolor

2012 kanta harusaki

Gary Bukovnik watercolor

美国著名水彩画大师Gary Bukovnik精品展 | 好戏网

Gary Bukovnik WATERCOLOR

Thomas Reynolds Gallery - San Francisco


Pansies - Photograph at

How to Shade Flower Petals in Watercolor

Rob's Art Lessons: May 2012

roseann hayes watercolor | FourZinniasPortCU111508100_1115.jpg


How to Paint a Rose With Watercolors : How to Define Areas in Watercolor Paintings

Gaétane Lessard WATERCOLOR

Pen Ink Watercolor Card Frugal crafter

Pen & Ink Watercolor Card {try it, it's easy!}

Painting Curved leaves in watercolour tip 17.2

Ann Mortimer's fantastic tutorial/demo on negative painting with daffodil leaves. She uses a wet on wet technique to place the lights and darks, then goes more into details. This makes the color more cohesive than painting each leaf on its own from the start. Cool!

Ann's Watercolour Studio: Negative painting with daffodil leaves

How to use your rigger brush in watercolour. For more watercolour tips and techniques, and to see the video of this lesson, go to

January 1970 | Art Tutor

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