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Disney princess Belle beauty and the beast acrylic canvas painting 12 x 12. $20.00, via Etsy.

Young Living Essential Valor & Vetiver Oils for Balance & Grounding | For more info, visit: www.thesavvyoiler...

Oh my goodness i love this! My photo posted to The Gypsy Cart Instagram went viral. Teehee

Glass barn doors...LOVE them

Chip from Beauty and the Beast

Matte lipgloss. dries to this rich velvety matte finish with no smearing or transferring. Want to try.

You're only as innocent as the horns holding up your halo. :) LOVE!!!!

Girly Stormtropper At Comic-Con

  • Julia D-Drake

    I wish you would stop just taking everything off of Or at least credit the people who's pictures you're "borrowing". It's pretty obvious that you just take the original headline, superimpose it on the posted pic, and then post it again on here. I dunno, man.

  • Leandro Toledo

    @Julia D-Drake Why don't you just get a life and stop nagging people about what they do!? As long as everybody, but you apparently, knows, we pin from whichever site we want to. Also, the credit is pretty obvius as you only need to click on the picture to be taken to it. *Suprise* Try it and you won't be disappointed. Ohh I mean, you will, because it won't be reddit.

  • Chantal Viens

    This is the internet... just so you know. Whether its taking information /knowlwdge or photos / ideas. If anything people should take it as a compliment instead whine about it.

  • Yenny Neal

    Seriously, Julia? Who the heck are you? You obviously have nothing interesting going on in your life that you feel the need to start needless drama. How about you stfu and get a life.

True dat