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Gene Coffey - Blossom Half Sleeve Color Tattoo

TattooNOW : Tattoos : Gene Coffey : Blossom Half Sleeve

Not all those who wander are lost

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  • Sarah Barten

    Very curious. Does anyone know for sure? I think Donnie, you pinned it. Any idea? Like it a lot.

  • Sarah Barten

    Thank you.

  • Donnie

    I pinned it a year ago it's a quote from Tolkien but the script I'm not sure about I have looked at Quenya script and a few others and they don't match up from other scripts I have googled it and the examples don't match so not sure what script it is written in

  • Sarah Barten

    I agree but would like it to be as similar as possible. It is kind of cool, don't you think.

  • Donnie

    I understand that each artist has there own flair into it but if it doesn't look similar then it's a different if you compare the scripts the translation wouldn't match from what I have seen and I would want to be sure before I got it, that would be as bad as the young kids who got tats in Chinese writing cause it looked cool but it didn't mean what they thought it meant, there are so many different scripts it's hard to find which one this is it has similarities of a few

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agape means unconditional love in Greek. South Side Tattoo in Howell, NJ.

She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future proverbs 31:25