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Old Style Muay Thai

Muay thai instructor, blogger, evangelist of muay thai for combat & defense rather than sport. I share my knowledge of mauy chao chuerk, lerd rit, muay boran, boar bando & CQC with those who see beyond the ring. I focus on applying the old styles of muay thai, boar bando, and other S.E. Asian martial arts in a practical, effective system that works for the modern day high risk operator. I specialize in tactical combat against multiple opponents, bladed weapons,impact weapons, and firearms. Enabling people to protect themselves and their loved ones from multiple assailants without reservation, efficiently, through overwhelming, destructive force - this is my motivation. And I make fun of myself as often as possible.

What's running through my head every time I go to downtown Campbell, CA... that and , "oh wow, you train at AKA... let me show you how impressed I am"

Location based app seeks out nearby women. Ladies, check your social network privacy settings!

MMA events banned in Bangkok by Thai government because it "hurts the image of muay thai" #ftw