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Kamikaze about to hit USS Missouri, 11 April 1945

Pearl Harbor - Sailors watch in shock as the USS Shaw explodes in the background.

A sailor and his dog in the Pacific

An American medic carries a wounded German POW.

A memorial statue of a soldier from the ‘War to End All Wars’ and an actual US infantryman of the Allied Expeditionary Force of the Second World War sit by one another in the same pose.

A transfusion being conducted in the field.

Tribute to a killed American soldier erected by French civilians in Carentan

tony-this is a world war 2 german officer uniform.nazis wore this uniform to show they are an officer.

The Brits struck "tank gold" with the Matilda II in the opening stages of World War 2

USS Thresher (SS-200). The USS Thresher earned 15 Battle Stars to become the most highly decorated American Submarine in World War II.

#Pearl #harbor media-cache6.pint... courtney_linell world war 2 history

Glimpses of World War 2 Seen Through Photos of Modern Day Europe

photographer who combines images from world war 2 era with images from present day... stunning

USS Columbia ship ~ World War 2 / memorial in Columbia SC

Photo Gallery | World War 2 photos | ww2 veterans