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Blule - Happy Boy! - with a magic hat.

Happy Boy! | Blule

Blule - Step Up - And dance

Step Up | Blule

Blule - Mother Of Dragons - Queen and conqueror, quite simply.

Mother Of Dragons

Blule - Blue Poppy - blue fragrance

Blue Poppy | Blule

Blule - Coin - coin!

Blule - Blue Heart - Beating with the rhythm of Classic music

Blue Heart | Blule

Blule - Saphire - Crazy girl

Saphire | Blule

Blule - Coquine - Here's My Heart for you...

Coquine | Blule

Blule - Princess Leia Organa Of Alderaan - A woman, a princess, a spy, a warrior, a lover, a sister.

Princess Leia Organa Of Alderaan

Blule - We Can Do It - Girl Power

We Can Do It | Blule

Blule - Super Super - N°2

Super Super | Blule

Blule - Dark Wonder Woman - With the falling negligee strap.

Dark Wonder Woman

Blule - Appearance - Wait for it...

Appearance | Blule

Blule - Suit Up Luke! - But try not to look like your father.

Suit Up Luke! | Blule

Blule - Strike A Pose Princess - and shoot!

Strike A Pose Princess

Blule - Kitten Girl - Maow!

Kitten Girl | Blule

Blule - Silent Duel - After the fight

Silent Duel | Blule

Blule - Free The Princess - and she'll be yours forever

Free The Princess

Blule - Hombre - Don Diego de la Vega: Public domain character N°1

Hombre | Blule

Blule - Bonjour! - Joseph. Baby birth announcement N°2

Bonjour! | Blule

Blule - Señor Z. - Don Diego de la Vega: Public domain character N°2

Señor Z. | Blule

Blule - The Man Under The Hood - Robin Hood: Public domain character N°3

The Man Under The Hood