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adorable baby animals - Google Search baby koala is so cute

But these are for girls... Holy crap! I look fabulous. Cat in sunglasses.

babies babies babies

TOUCHING TALE) A dairy cow made the tough choice to hide one of her calves after giving birth to twins. As her fifth birth, the cow remembered her previous agony and knew that both of her babies would be taken away, unless she tried to save one. The intelligence and care displayed by this mothering cow is both heartbreaking and breathtaking. Read this touching tale, told by a veterinarian, about an amazing display of motherly love that proves animals love and feel. — Global Animal

World's Cutest Baby Wild Animals Credit: DreamstimeThough they are cuddly creatures when young, polar bear babies grow up to be ferocious predators. They are controversial zoo inhabitants, as many conservationists argue that it's unnatural to breed these violent bears in zoos, rather than in their natural habitat. However, that habitat is swiftly disappearing as the polar bear's home –the arctic ice – is diminishing rapidly due to climate change.

The wild population of bonobos, a promiscuous species of ape that shares more genes with humans than any other animal, is falling so dramatically that scientists have classified them as endangered. They live exclusively in the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa. The problem stems from a combination of low fertility in the species, the animals being hunted for their meat and people stealing their babies to keep as pets.

Baby Animals - Baby Giraffe With its Mother at Longleat Safari Park Mother and baby giraffes - actually mother and giraffe calf - are popular sights at Longleat, where successful breeding program has gone on for many years.

The piglet is one day old and crippled. The mother had more babies than nipples to feed them. The farmer talked about putting this one out of its misery but decided to let some Swazi orphan children take care of it and feed it with a bottle instead. Now the little pig has grown big and strong! —Caption by Amanda Kopp

Do you know what a Cria is? A baby in the lama-alpaca family of animals. Check this one out in her adorable sweater! She is from The Alpaca Blogger, and there are more cute Cria babies on her site. Cute outfits too!

There's a paint horse farm near our home and each Spring, the little paints are born and it's wonderful to park and watch the interactions of the new moms and their babies....

Is this baby barn owl cute or ugly? Find it and 9 more baby animals on the Top Ten Ugliest Animal Babies.

Now that my English Bulldog is soon to be 4, I'm thinking it's time for another one. They're the biggest, most loveable babies on earth.

So many darling furry babies. There is nothing like a passel of puppies to melt your heart with ♥

my first babies, Peanut on the left, Bella on the right, their brother went to another home

Two mom cats (mother-daughter) who gave birth at same exact time, co-mothering their 8 shared babies together.

This picture automatically makes me talk in the high pitch tone reserved for cute babies and animals.

Couldn't decide if these little babies ought to go in animals or books. Sigh. Love this site

so when foxes are lil babies, their ears are HUGE!! how cute is this lil guy, though?