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Paper chain garland. I remember making these like crazy back in the day!

I just donated my Nintendo and Super Nintendo (do NOT ask me why in the world I still had them) to a thrift shop to benefit animals.

Mall Madness - perhaps this is where it all started...

Charm bracelets from the 80s...I had these! -- OMG! Yes! I totally forgot about these.

Mouse Trap - best game ever! Don't think I ever made it all the way through without the damn thing making itself go off though.

AH hahahahhaha HAHA... Girl Talk.

  • Sara Tobias

    OMG, I totally remember this game, wait... I think I still have it packed away in storage.

  • Dorian Wagner

    I'd love to laugh at the pictures of the guys right now!

  • Sara Tobias

    I would too. If I ever dig it up again D. I'll let you know!

Barbie plastic heels!

Troll Dolls

Lite Brite! I think we used to use black construction paper so we didn't have to keep buying new patterns to stick. :)