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Printmaking on shoe bottom get flip flops or old tennis shoes to print art work with, great for butterfly or dragonfly wings

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kids can create henna hands for their friends with washable neon markers

Henna Hands by Kids - Art Bar

7 Little Moments

15 amazing tote bags for designers | Design | Creative Bloq

My favorite art, Zentangle, in a book that appeals to kids AND adults! Zentangle - create beautiful art one line at a time.

Dare to DIY: IDEA DIY: Mosaico holográfico inspirado en Martin Margiela

You don't have to understand the language in order to follow along with fun and clever craft tutorial - Mummy Crafts

An Interview With Becky Stern About Wearable Electronics

Maker Pro Newsletter - New Raspberry Pi

Maker Pro Newsletter - New Raspberry Pi

Light Up Stomping Shoes - from LittleBits!!

punk projects: Recycled Globe Bowl DIY

punk projects: Recycled Globe Bowl DIY

Plastic Canvas Earrings by 30 Minutes Crafts

Plastic Canvas Earrings - 30 Minute Crafts

Fall- Words, Shapes, and Patterns. My 5th graders did these for the first fall art lesson using colored pencil. Draw shape on 9" x 12" paper, fill it with the word label, use color and patterns to fill in. Used words like: bat, cat , pumpkin, witch, candy corn, pumpkin pie, acorn, leaf, any fall words will do.