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Expectant and Parenting Youth in Foster Care: A Resource Guide

Grief-Help is a 9-session cognitive behavioral treatment for children with Prolonged Grief Disorder, combined with 5 sessions of parental co...

Grief in children and adolescents

10-getting-to-know-you-activities-for-teens-adults by Shelly Terrell via Slideshare

10+ Getting to Know You Activities for Teens & Adults

Living a RAD Life: M&Ms Feelings Activity

Living a RAD Life: M&Ms Feelings Activity

Permanency Pathways For Older Youth in Care - PARTICIPANT NOTEBOOK

National Center for Child Welfare Excellence

Facilitator Youth Permanency Toolkit - Making it Possible: Permanency Pathways for Older Youth in Care.

Youth Permanency Toolkit

Downloadable lessons for teaching today's kids and teens about sex and sexuality

Sex Education Resource Center

“Children’s books about sexual abuse can introduce child victims to others who have had similar experiences, which may lead to decreased fee...

The toll of childhood trauma | Counseling Today

Free empathy mini-lesson. Includes 6 scenario cards

Empathy Scenarios

Geek Therapy: Recommended resources

Geek Therapy: Recommended resources | Counseling Today

Geek therapy: Connecting with clients through comics, video games and other ‘geeky’ pursuits

Art Therapy and Social Work

Social Work Career Development: Art Therapy and Social Work

Story Cubes < great play therapy app [asking child to tell a story that connects all 9 images and more] hat tip to @Stacy (McBee) Braiuca (McBee) Braiuca

Rory's Story Cubes

Thinking Children < information by JBFCS for parents, caregivers, and professionals on topics relating to child development and learning [while the last issue was in June 2013, the archived issues contain great info]

JBFCS > Thinking Children

Special Needs Apps Review < The Friendship Circle App Review gives you the ability to find the perfect special needs app for your child.

Special Needs Apps Review

Dyslexia Toolbox < free app allowsyou to transform text into a more readable format, for dyslexics - whether that's a bigger font, a different typeface or a different background color. It works for emails and text messages, and you can reply in your chosen style and then turn it back into the traditional black-and-white before hitting send.

Dyslexia Toolbox

The Mama Bear Effect < provides guidance on how to raise abuse-resistant children, including detailed instructions for what to do with kids at various ages

The Mama Bear Effect

Clinical Issues in Working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender and Questioning Youth < presentation provides an overview of significant developmental issues for LGBTQ youth, explores various clinical issues for LGBTQ youth, and shares intervention strategies and implications for practice