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Child Therapy Tools

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The 7 Habits (The Leader In Me) - YouTube < video illustrates how students can impact their classroom, and the community at large.

Cyberbullying Prevention through Dance and the Spoken Word < great video

Cyberbullying Warning Signs

Responding to the rise in self-injury among youth < "nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) is a means of regulating emotions, relieving tensions, managing dissociative symptoms and influencing others... Develop... a clinical understanding of social contagion..."

Helping a Child with Autism Handle #Halloween < You are now a child with autism entering a supermarket... there is an isle of terror where the toys usually are... piano... has been replaced by a cauldron full of skeletons and black spiders... downloadable chart of 10 tricks to preparing a child

Military Kids Connect < interactive website, created by psychologists at the DoD's National Center for Telehealth and Technology, helps children of deployed parents cope with the stress, changing responsibilities, and concern for the safety of their parents

Welcome! | Military Kids Connect

Brain Breaks: Wonderful list of ideas for teachers or group leaders to use anytime students feel restless and are struggling to pay attention

Minds in Bloom: 20 Three-Minute Brain Breaks

Cyberbullying Fact Sheet: Identification, Prevention, and Response < nine-page summary... to equip educators and parents to spot cyberbullying, respond to it appropriately and meaningfully, and to prevent its future occurrence among the children and teenagers they care for

Helping Kids Manage Anxiety with Art < Get out a sheet of paper... In the middle, write: “I feel anxious/angry/sad because”... Ask your child to paint over... circle... Explore... what he thinks might help... positive word or phrase. Write it in the middle..."

Helping Kids Manage Anxiety with Art - Imperfect Families

Discover How Family Tree Projects Trigger Loss and Trauma in Adoptees ~ The Not So Secret Life of An Adoptee < consider trauma informed approach, a different type of project...

ADHD Homework Help: Mobile Apps for Organization, Focus

ADHD Homework Help: Mobile Apps for Organization, Focus

This Video Shows How to Start Teaching Kids to Meditate #meditation #children

This Video Shows How to Start Teaching Your Kids to Meditate

Create an Anti-Anxiety Kit for Children - includes free printable relaxation prompt cards

Create Your Own Anti-Anxiety Kit for Children

Critical social skills to incorporate in a 21st-century social skills group < The bulk of most social skills curriculums are appropriately focused on “in-person” social skills...Effective social skills instruction needs to reflect...rapidly evolving technologies and social media platforms...

World Suicide Prevention Day Author Interview with the authors of Suicide in Schools < good advice + #suicideprevention resources/links

Staying Strong: How Schools Build Resilience in Military Families < various activities to support student resilience

Staying Strong: How Schools Build Resilience in Military Families

Books about worrying for kids. Great books for separation anxiety too.

Picture Books About Worrying - No Time For Flash Cards

playful activities about feelings

Self injurious behaviors are, unfortunately, not unusual for kids with special needs. These behaviors could be anything from biting, hitting or even banging their head on the walls or furniture. Here are some tips to help you sort through why your child is displaying the behavior and how you can help them stop.

6 Strategies for Addressing Self-Injurious Behaviors

Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools < tools to implement a multi-faceted suicide prevention program that responds to the needs and cultures of students

Free Downloadable Girl Bullying Prevention Worksheets for your Tween or Teen

See What I'm Saying: What Children Tell Us Through Their Art by Dr. Myra Levick < free book download; vpractical tools for assessing children's intellectual and emotional development from their art work

Free Psychotherapy Books - Free Psychotherapy Books

Make Your Own Doll House [a school made made out of a shoebox]

Favorite Therapeutic Activities for Children, Adolescents, and Families < a free ebook featuring a compilation by Liana Lowenstein