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Corporate Welfare

This new deal with billionaires dictating policy to the pandering Republicans seems like it's working out just fine...

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$4,000 for corporate subsidies!... Point your anger about freeloading where it belongs.

Billions and billions of our tax dollar given to profitable corporations. President Obama has asked the practice to stop. Give him a congress so he can.

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Jeff Kreisberg (kreisberg) on Twitter

Geo Bush, Boehner and McConnell not only cutting taxes and generating loopholes for corporations but giving away our tax dollars to the very same corporations and calling them "subsidies".

Oil Industry Denies Climate Change But Demands Taxpayer Money For Climate Change Protection

This is bullshit.

The Tax Breaks That Are Killing the Planet

The Tax Breaks That Are Killing the Planet

Penn State study found that in counties where WALMART opens a store, poverty rates are negatively impacted. "This is a company that everywhere it goes, it creates poverty."

Walmart Admits: 'Our Profits' Depend on 'Their Poverty'

Walmart should not be getting aid from our government ! Vote Blue...Vote Democrat

Republicans want us to demonize the poor as they squander billions of our tax dollars to oil tycoons that feed their campaigns. Don't drink their koolaid.

Republicans block new veterans VA clinics to fix the over burdened VA system but propose cutting corporate taxes.

Corporate welfare’s quiet enablers: How democrats pander to big business. So yes, Democrats are just as bad as Republicans. Not to the same degree. But if they don't speak out about their own bad apples, they are just as tainted...

Republicans taking care of those who donate massive sums to them at Taxpayer expense !

  • Stacey M.

    That is so interesting, thank you for posting. I was always flumoxed by why CEOs where suddenly getting such huge checks. I had assumed it was ego.