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FREE Lego Spelling Tests for 10, 15 or 20 words for 1st-6th grade homeschoolers

123 Homeschool 4 Me: Lego Spelling Tests (freebie!)

Using the S.O.S. Strategy: a multi-sensory approach to spelling.

The Reading Tutor/OG: Using the S.O.S. Strategy

This is so smart! Great spelling activity for kids.

Spelling Activity - No Time For Flash Cards

15 apps to help students who have #dyslexia or reading difficulties

Apps for Students | Dyslexia & Reading Difficulties

Dyslexic learning boards for Susan Barton Orton Gillingham method. Many families use this method successfully to teach their dyslexic children.

Timothy E. Smith: Dyslexic Specialist and Tutor

Orton-Gillingham Training

The Reading Tutor/OG: Orton-Gillingham Training

I Love 2 Teach: Prefix & Suffix Foldable {Freebie}

I Love 2 Teach: Prefix & Suffix Foldable {Freebie}

when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking

Teaching With Style!: Integrated ELD

Hard C/Soft C Anchor chart from Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten

Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten: Phonics goodies!

My students have a really hard time with this skill, so I keep this sign posted all the time. There are some exceptions, like kangaroo, but this poster works most of the time. Kids who have trouble with spelling also sometimes have trouble with visual discrimination, so I kept this simple with a clean font that easy to read. I hope your students find it helpful as well!

Teachers Notebook

Phonics Gameboard/Phonogram gameboard

Phonics Gameboard/Phonogram gameboard

Bossy E FREEBIES - anchor chart and word work sheets... FREE

Dragonflies in First: Bossy E & Where I Live & FREEBIES

Free signs to help with b & d confusion - Thanks to Young and Lively Kindergarten

Young & Lively Kindergarten: b & d Confusion Signs

Sounds of Y book ... can print it premade like this or with blank pages so students also have to sort the word/picture cards under the right Y sound (long e, long i, or y)! Such great practice!

Sounds of Y Book

Elementary Organization: hook-ed on pa-honics.

Elementary Organization: hook-ed on pa-honics.

Prefix and Suffix Memory game with Recording Sheet from Mrs.Hayden on - (4 pages) - Here is a matching game dealing with prefixes and suffixes. The students will need to match the affix to their definition to form a complete set. They will also need to record the match on a recording sheet and list 2 examples of words and their meanings

Teachers Notebook

Love this!!! Syllable types

A Harvest of VCCV Patterns

A Harvest of VCCV Patterns

Orton Gillingham for All Blog

Orton Gillingham for All

Gentle Cindy

Miscellaneous Rules | Orton Gillingham for All


revloc | Search Results | Orton Gillingham for All

OG for All

Orton Gillingham for All

Spelling Is Easier with Generalization Rules: OI/OY, OU/OW, AU/AW

Spelling Is Easier with Generalization Rules: OI/OY, OU/OW, AU/AW