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A collection of great fezzes, worn with great style, and fez-inspired design

Side Plate - Hand Painted - Hungry Bear in Fez. $35.50, via Etsy.


Victor Mature looking creepy in a fez in Shanghai

Is there anything cooler or more dangerous than a sinister, cigarette-smoking monkey sporting a fez?

Photograph of Hussein Kamel (1853-1917), Sultan of Egypt

Shriners - members of this fraternal organization have worn their fezzes proudly for more than a century, most conspicuously when they drive their nutty little cars in parades.

Part of Matt Groening’s “Life in Hell” comic strip, Akbar and Jeff are hilariously enigmatic. They fight, they love, they worry, they accuse. In fezzes.

Shriners in their red fezzes watch the 84th annual East-West Shrine Game, which raises funds for Shriners Hospitals for Children

How much do we love it when a dozen Shriners don their fezzes, dress up in uniform yellow shirts and bolo ties and then cram themselves into matching mini 1965 Thunderbirds and parade down the avenue?!

In 2006, Air Arabia used South Park characters in Middle Eastern dress on its website

The 1907 Shriners Convention in Los Angeles produced all sorts of memorabilia. Even local businesses got into the spirit!