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Fashion In The Downton Abbey Era

A 1920s Cloche Hat Timeline – 1920 to 1929 This image shows the evolution of the iconic 1920s cloche hat - and features the following Hollywood actresses of the 1920s – Aileen Pringle, Gladys George,Billie Burke, ZaSu Pitts, Irene Rich, Norma Shearer,Greta Garbo, Loretta Young, Fay Wray, Constance Bennett.

1920s Fashion - Women's Dress and Style. The 1920s fashion era still glows brightly – the garcon silhouette, the iconic 1920s dresses, the bobbed haircuts and cropped hairstyles, the makeup, the cloche hats, the Charleston, the new flapper slang and the sheer unmatched beauty of the women who graced that amazing decade.

Read this #1920s headline about the typical #flapper. Taken from the Arizona Weekly on August 2nd 1922.

12 bob haircuts for you to try - 1924. #bob #cut #hairstyle #1920s tml

NEWSPAPER headlines in 1924 against the new flapper rage of bob haircuts. “Bobbed hair leads to divorce.” “Bobbing of hair costs twelve nurse jobs!” “Shocked husband shoots himself when wife bobs hair!” “Bobbing your hair leads to insanity!” “Bobbing your hair will make you go bald!” “Bob-hair bandit collects $350 for spring suit!” #bob #cut #hairstyle #1920s

Sit back and enjoy this charming 1920s fashion video - created by Ray Ishido, with gowns by Belle & Bunty, Joanne Fleming Design & Otaduy. They all look they had great fun. #fashion #vintagefashion #1920sdress

A-La-Recherche-Dun-Model-Nouveau-1910s-fashion. A fitting at a Paris Salon.

House-of-Paquin-Salon-de-Vente-Paris-Fashion-1910. The models who worked for the various salons, had a hard days work. Often having to remain motionless in corseted restriction, with a frozen look of serenity on her face while the potential customers hummed and hawed.

House-of-Doucet-Galerie-de-vente-Paris-Fashion-1910. In 1910 for a truly elegant – and rich woman, visiting the great fashion salons of Paris was an obligation which she could not shirk. Out of ‘necessity’ she had to go to these shows or ‘galeries’ – not only to learn about the latest modes but to ‘be seen’ by others in society.

House-of-Paquin-a-fitting-Paris-Fashion-1910. A lady didn’t know, upon entering a salon of one of these great couturiers, exactly what she was going to end up ordering – perhaps an evening gown, a traveling cloak, a trotter, tailor, morning or an entire day to night wardrobe – if her husbands purse could extend that far.

Les-Createurs-de-la-mode-1910. These beautiful images from Les Createurs de la Mode bring back to life the women who both made and wore the Paris fashions of 1910.

House-of-Redfern-Galerie-de-vente-Paris-fashion-1910. Time Travel back to March 1910 – as the ladies of society from Paris, London and New York pay their annual pilgrimage to the fashion salons of Paris to choose the coming seasons wardrobes.

Cannes Fashion - March 1923. In the morning at Cannes, chine or knitted woolen materials, sometimes mixed with silk, are worn. The jersey or vest are edged, like the tailor-made, with braid. Very pretty also are the simple crepe de Chine dresses with initials embroidered on the breast or on the pocket.

Art-gout-beaute-1923-art-deco-fashion-plate. We are now at the very height of the season on the Riviera, especially at Cannes, which is the most attractive of all the resorts. It is not such a terrible journey after all from Paris. The trains now are very fast and fitted with a comfort and even luxury previously unknown, so that the female traveler can make her way to the capital of sunshine and fashion

1920s style T-strap shoes. Modeled by the bridesmaids at Nadia's wedding - courtesy Shadow Rose. #vintage #shoes #1920sshoes

Stunning 1920s Fashion Magazine now online

Twenties Style - Ocean Travel

“I think it is the most beautiful magazine I have ever seen,” said Gary Kurutz, the State Library’s head of Special Collections. ” Art-Gout-Beaute: Feuillets de L’Elegance Feminine” meaning Art – Good Taste & Beauty – Pages of Feminine Elegance . Read or download the iconic 1920s fashion periodical "Art-Gout-Beaute" #fashion #beauty #vintage #1920s #artdeco

1927 - 12 Hour Dress FROM luncheon to summer – all without a change of costume! Carmel Myers designed this four-in-one 1920s dress for the girl whose dates overlap. The gown is also called Bermuda Onion, because it can be unpeeled in layers. Carmel considers it the biggest invention since rolled stockings or the trick cigarette lighter.

A nod to the accuracy of Downton Abbey's fashion research. Here the much lamented Lady Sybil ( wasn't she gorgeous?!) wearing the standard Red Cross nurses uniform -matches perfectly this old recruitment poster from 1916

“MEN WILL anyway and a girl ought to be prepared. We asked a Max Sennet beauty to model the good and bad postures which can dictate our lives for us! With an ever rising hem and an ever increasing amount of leg exposure - a woman’s 1920s hosiery drawer is now filled more and more with stockings for both day and evening, but it is to proper leg deportment that the eye will be drawn girls!

For those in search of the latest modes, Paris was the essential shopping destination. It’s winter 1928, and these friends are keeping warm in fur trimmed coats while they scour the stores for chic new outfits. usually armed with a copy of Art Gout Beaut, these ladies would not return home without at least a dozen full outfits to see them safely through the season.

It’s midsummer 1923 and Eqyptian-style gowns are all the rage and the perfect outfits to wear to an elegant dinner party. The tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in 1922, causing great excitement all round the globe. Fashion designers were thus inspired to produce Egyptian elements into their designs. It was known as the Eqyptian revival.