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Fum (the black housecat) & Gebra (the barn owl) are best friends

SAIMAI AND HER PIGLETS ~ Like mother, like daughter. Saimai the tiger, who was raised by a sow, is now caring for her own group of pigs at a Shanghai zoo. Zookeepers say it is common at the facility to let tigers raise pigs and vice versa.It's a little unusual to us, but too cute to argue with.

This little squirrel keeps coming in through the doggy door to hang out with my cat. (First Pinner)

Partners in crime....busted. I swear my cats get my dog to bark in the mornings so that I will get up and feed them. Now, I really believe it!

The Berlin Zoo is celebrating the first birth of Rusty-Spotted Cats in its 168-year history. Rusty-Spotted Cats are the world's smallest wild cats, weighing only 2.0 to 3.5 lb (0.9 to 1.6 kg) as adults.

African lions "I told you not to get up there!!"

Mother and Child at bath time

Tigers. Oh Mom do you have too!! Ha!