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The meerkat is a small diurnal herpestid (mongoose) weighing on average about 731 grams (1.61 lb) for males and 720 grams (1.6 lb) for femal...

Opossum - an awesome animal! North America's only marsupial (raises babies in a pouch like a kangaroo), has a prehensile tail (can grasp branches like a monkey), highly immune to disease, and has more teeth than any other land animal!

Wayside Sacraments: Just Passing Through

The nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus), or the nine-banded, long-nosed armadillo, is a medium-sized mammal. It is found in North, Central, and South America, making it the most widespread of the armadillos. Photo by Rich Anderson

Wild Bilberry Goat: are a rare herd that have lived together on Bilberry Rock in Waterford City for hundreds of years. Locals believe they came over with the Huguenots from France over 300 years ago and have lived on Bilberry Rock ever since. The herd is currently 28 goats, with eight females. They are larger than domestic goats with shaggy coats and very large horns.

Sifakas are a genus of lemur, and they are only found on the island of Madagascar.

Squirrel falls asleep in the arms of an Angel.

black panther yawning... Majestic

PANDA BAT Researchers have hailed a bat that looks uncannily like a panda bear as 'the find of a lifetime'. The bat, discovered in South Sudan, is so rare researchers believe it is an entirely new genus. 'My attention was immediately drawn to the bat's strikingly beautiful and distinct pattern of spots and stripes,'

The Spotted Skunk, are one of three different species of skunk in the U.S.

Mama tiger and beautiful cubs