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Breast Cancer Butterfly Tattoo Designs | tattoo design breast cancer tattoo design breast cancer butterfly

My Cheshire Cat done by Nikki at FY Ink in Toronto

deviantART: More Like baby angel tattoo by ~nhfd238

Infinity tattoos love them all except the rose and the very intricate one Tattoos | tattoos picture infinity tattoo

My 2nd tattoo, done on International dance day, 29th of April 2010. It’s a real footprint of my prematurely born daughter. She was 3 months early, her foot was 2 inch long, very very small. It reminds me that everything is possible, and even tiniest people grow big someday with lost of love and care.

family tattoo. everyones birthday's in Roman numerals together in the infinity symbol :)

Maybe something with a heart shaped lock and a different skeleton key for each child

Black Feather Tattoo, minus the ball thing.

Expecto patromun Love the symbolism. It translates to "I await a guardian" and in the HP books it is used to conjure a projection of all of ones happiest thoughts and memories to keep darkness at bay.

tattoo in memory of parents My parents signature and "love you" messages - this I would do! Ideal time would be spring 15 before I walk across that platform and get that doctoral degree! They would be 'with' me! I am so doing this!

taken as soon as it was done! my best friend has the other have and when we’re together our tattoos read “always… no matter what.” if you’ve ever seen the movie now and then you probably know the girls in the movie made a pact to be there for each other always, no matter what. and that’s pretty much what me and my best friend did today.  @Samantha McCay we should do something like this

“What was so simple in the moonlight, by the morning never is” A reminder that what is romantic, spontaneous and impulsive is not always the best decision in the long run.

From Nicolette N., TZ Class of 2015: "I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind blow southernly, I know a hawk from a handsaw." - Hamlet. This quote demonstrates that Hamlet knows he's a bit crazy but does not feel entirely mad. I feel like this picture best demonstrates this, but instead of differentiating a handsaw and hawk, he is differentiating between an anchor and a bird.

this would be cool if it was the mom and dad's prints...with the child's name underneath amore thumb prints (his and her tattoo)