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Study Inspiration

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This handy infographic created by Mashable helps you determine when it is appropriate to send a Yo to your friends.

Should I Yo? A Guide to Proper Yotocol [YOCHART]

But it's an extra hour of sunshine for studying outside.

Finals are creeping up, here are 6 study hacks for your easiest test prep yet.

6 study hacks for your easiest test prep yet

27 ways to get stuff done, no magic required!

27 Ways to Get More Sh!t Done

15 Computer Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

15 Computer Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Here are some great apps for college students - especially freshmen!

10 Apps for Freshman Year of College

Sometimes you just need to remind yourself why you have to study.

Okay, this isn't really "study inspiration." We just wanted to pin it SOMEWHERE!

Vincent van NO by sagittariusgallery on deviantART

Cork Letters. Remind yourself to work: you'd have to buy considerably more of these to spell "Procrastinate."

Assembly Home Cork Letter - Urban Outfitters

You control how hard you work, so get to work!

Encouraging Messages and Quotes: Words of Encouragement for Cards

Use exercise balls as seats for when studying to help your posture and give you a way to burn off nervous energy

Keep textbook reading entertaining with these nifty bookmarks. They are also a craft, so you can take a study break to make one!

ctbaker in the acres: 14 Lovely Days: Day 2

Sharky tea-infuser to help keep you caffeinated and entertained while studying

sharky - designboom | architecture & design magazine

Best Motivational Songs (for studying or any other activity you need to be pumped up for)

Best Motivational Songs | Personal Development