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Don't stand too close, this car might take a bite out of you.

Car With Smiling Teeth

Young Family Dental = Baby Tooth Eruption Stages- hilarious ... Reminds me of Elizabeth Pilger

Denti. E ho detto tutto. | How to be a geekmom

Dental Hygiene | Cool People Shop

Too hard, Lester. You're brushing way too hard.

Give thanks for your teeth. They work hard on Thanksgiving.

The Berlitz Guide to Dentalese. This won't hurt a bit means this will hurt a little bit. This will pinch a little means this is going to hurt for real. You might feel this means you'll feel this unless you are dead. You may experience some mild discomfort means welcome to the worst pain you can imagine.

Confessions of a Dental assistant (and other medical professionals) & medical professionals can all relate!

Before & After pictures for patient Mr. Jack O'Latern. Can you guess which #CosmeticDentistry procedures were done getting Jack ready for Halloween? #Dentist #Halloween #Dental