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Beautiful Dreadlocks

I try to feature real and natural dreadlocks here. If you notice any that are synthetic, let me know and I'll remove it.

Cute short dreads

how to make a dread bun

How to create a creative dreadlock bun!
  • Monica Almere

    there seem to be missing some steps between pic 6 and 7. and those are the most important ones. :-(

  • Emilie Poulain

    You can see them on the vid at the end of the post... :)

  • Jo Mannering

    Hi Dreadful Scotty :) I've just read through your dread journey...they're looking good. My dreads are 2 week old babies! I did back combing n crochet (I know! Not doing that anymore!) now I'm setting them free to do whatever they want :) just wanted to say hi n I enjoyed your journey :)

  • DreadfulScotty

    Awesome! Letting them free is the best thing I did to mine. I can't wait to see your progress! Hang in there!



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