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ThunderLeash Large - For dogs over 25 lbs.,

Cedar chest litter box hider. This should also reduce the smell of the litter box since it would be confined and hopefully the cedar smell would overpower kitty doo doo smell.

This time they tricked out the bottom to roll out so you can access the litter box easier. They also added a nice kitty litter mat, thus FORCING the cat to walk across it (i've seen many kitties HOP over mats that people leave out in exposed Boxes).

Mess-free kitty litter box

. I sift the sand using a compost/mulch fork that I have converted into the world’s biggest kitty litter scoop, with fine mesh hardware cloth and zip ties. It takes less than five minutes to sift the sand and doing so keeps the coop clean and augments my compost pile with primarily nitrogen-rich droppings, not pine shavings, straw or hay.

CitiKitty, the Best Selling Cat Toilet Training Kit: Save Over $2,000 on kitty litter, no mess, no cleaning, no litter box!

DIY kitty litter box....omg why did i never think of this?

Finished the curtains to hide our kitty litter boxes! So easy! 2 yards of fabric (I needed it to cover 4 feet and had more than enough!) iron, iron on hems, and scissors is all you need! Put it on a tension rod for no screws and easy assembly and there you go! They literally took me less than 30 minutes to make

beetlebailey: Kitty Litter Box Table DIY


Catio Design - Outdoor Living Space - Southlake, TX here to find out more

My next house will have one of these added to it! Catio deluxe!