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Athlean xx for women

Wonderful workout for women, by Jeff cavalier!! Amazing Check it out, I bought the program in December and have been using it ever since! Major results, love the menus!

When you do our fast-paced Athlean-XX for Women strength circuits you're getting both cardio and strength training in one shot. 30 minutes per day IS enough to see a huge difference when you work out like an athlete!

Our comprehensive Athlean-XX for Women nutrition and fitness program includes 10 DVDs (home workouts) and 12 Girl on the Go Cards (gym workouts). That's 3 total workouts per muscle group! You get a comprehensive meal plan with the option of following our set 90 days plan or making up your own using our meal ideas and lists of recommended foods. We also include a tape measure, a calendar of your workouts for 90 days AND fitness tests so you can test your progress!