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butter LONDON polish | #spring #nails @Heather Creswell Creswell Creswell Creswell Creswell Hollaway Too pastel?

I snort every time I hear this, a most unladylike noise. How else would the ocean get its salt, if not from our tears and the tears of those we love who were left behind, caught on shore in those dreadful days of the Horror? How else, indeed.

Love love love! Different take on the typical French manicure!

OPI Unveils Ultra-Luxe Gold Leaf Polish - "The Man with the Golden Gun" - in celebration of Jame's Bond's Golden Anniversary. (with real 18-karat gold)

awesome Gel Nail Design


OPI Nordic | Fall 2014 nail polish collection ...

hahaha it was awesome.

Chic Halloween Nail Art Ideas. halloween nails for girls #Halloween #nails


DIY Black Nail Design 2014 Inspiring Black Nails black nails!

Let us give you a polished manicure like this! Visit us at renew.calm

Matte black nails - apparently you can add cornstarch to nail polish for matte finish

I am really into these gold tip nails! Think they are so cute and totally perfect for Fall:-)

My shellac nails!

Nude & black nails

Simple black and nude accent shellac nails