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One More Time...

Movies I like to revisit...time and time again.....

Jack Johnson - don't know why but listening to his music puts me in chill mode. Pandora introduced us. :)

Best moment in The Dark Knight Rises.

Loved this movie as a kid. Watched it with my mom over...and over...and One of my favorite lines "Get me out of this stinking fresh air!" lol

The Sandlot - MAN, I watched this movie way too much and even tried out for the softball team at school as a result.

Auntie Mame - Every time I hear someone talk about living I think of a line from this movie. "Life is a banquet but most poor suckers are starving to death." I watch this at least once a year.

Yes, and I'm not ashamed. The lyrics (yes, it's a musical) are very theater-like and this takes me back to my childhood.