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Winners of Corvette Dream Giveaways

Corvette Dream Giveaways are real and this is a board that shows you who won amazing Chevy Corvettes and cash while helping worthy causes and charities raise funds. Check out who has won past Dream Giveaways featured at:,, and (coming soon) Enter our current Corvette Dream Giveaway w/ promo code: TW1312C1 at

11 Pins

Gary Burrell, 2011 Corvette Dream Giveaway Winner tries out his 2011 ZR1 Hero Edition he won that matches his 1963. Wonder which he drives more?

Gary Burrell won this 1963 Split Window Coupe Corvette plus a 2011 in the Corvette Dream Giveaway.

2011 Corvette Dream Giveaway winner Gary Burrell with his 2011 Hero Edition ZR1 in Detroit during the awards ceremony.

2010 Corvette Dream Giveaway winner Brian Landgren checking out his 2010 Brad Paisley Hero Edition ZR1. What a beautiful car!

Happiness is getting to visit the Lingenfelter Collection Museum and see all the great cars and Corvettes! This shot was taken during the 2010 Corvette Dream Giveaway award ceremony. CDG6

2010 Corvette Dream Giveaway Winner, Brian Landgren won both a 1967 427/435hp classic restored roadster and the matching Brad Paisley Hero Edition 2010 ZR1. He and his son look pretty happy about it don't they?

Here is the second Vette that was won by David Melitski in the 2009 Corvette Dream Giveaway, a fully restored Black 1967 427 Corvette Roadster. Sweet!

Here's the 2009 one-of-a-kind Hero Edition ZR1 David Melitski, a New Jersey State Trooper won in the 2009 Corvette Dream Giveaway. If he pursued you while at work in might not get away, lol.

The 2009 Corvette Dream Giveaway was won by David Melitski, a New Jersey State Trooper. He won both a fully restored 1967 427 Corvette roadster and the one-of-a-kind 2009 Hero Edition ZR1 at Summit Racing in McDonough, Georgia.

2008 Corvette Dream Giveaway Winner David Rutherford receives the keys to both a restored 1967 Corvette 427/435 hp and a matching Corvette tri-power roadster Lingenfelter enhanced 427/570hp Corvette Super Car

2008 Corvette Dream Giveaway Winner David Rutherford, was an unemployed construction worker when he won and received the keys to both a restored 1967 Corvette 427/435 hp Corvette tri-power roadster and the matching Lingenfelter enhanced 2008 427/570hp Corvette Super Car.