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Animals- the best thing about planet Earth

If you don't have passion for animals, you're missing a piece of your heart. I love animals. Always have, always will. They make my life happier and bring this world peace- without knowing it or asking for anything in return. Allow these Pins to put a smile on your face. ♥

i was not going to pin this....but then i saw the baby anteater :')

The Dog Friendly Home: DIY Projects for Dog Lovers ... (Book Worth Reading ... Great Gift Idea, too!)


Regal little fella.

Ohhh, Cooooperr... I bought you something today. ;)

Home is where the.. shell.. is. ;)

Awwe! Pretty Kitty. ♥ (K. Miller Photographs)

I'm TOTALLY making these for Sadie and Cooper.

Photographers giving shelter animals professional photos for a better chance at adoption. Now this photographer is my kind of person. :)

No kidding. I love this. It says everything I've always wanted to.

Baby Dachshund Puppies. I have learned a lesson from life in the last year and four/five months... and that is that if you don't have dachshunds in your "life", you're not living and you DON'T know what it means to love a dog.

Oh my. :) I am in Loooove with these little dudes.

Wouldn't you LOVE to have to bathe him?! :)