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Dre Sage

Dre Sage

Artist. Poet. Novelist. Dreamer. Gamer. Film Major. Air Force Veteran. Revolutionist. Mastermind. Trini from the Bronx NY/Bagdad FL.

Baby Giants Creeper, Bib & Bootie Outfit

University of Florida Toddler Jersey #Florida #Gators #Toddler #Baby #Jersey #Babyfans

Yankees Baby Reversible Bucket Hat

Knicks Baby!

Food goes in here... comes out here... baby pajamas by Chipotle.

Naruto Shippuden


So your girl went to go 'chill' with her ex... But that ain't none of my business.

Pepperjack got singles!

Buy One Get One Free Camo Shorts at Footlocker

Free Slice Wednesday at Village Inn Restaurant

8th VIP

How To Hide Your FB Albums.

If you can't hide your Facebook album from the FB app, do it from FB mobile site in your internet browser.

Laughing My Diaper Off

Ben and Matt great bromance, no homo

Dre Sage Gold Pegassi Zentorno.

I'd get these Louis Vuitton Men Hockenheim Loafer In Suede Calf Blue $107.20

I'd get these Men's Louis Vuitton Leather Loafers black with metal logo $87.52

You get to be a badass knight... Pick one!

Alladin: ♫ I can show you the world. ♫ Jasmine: Show me your phone. ☹ Alladin: I can't show you that... ☺

Loving Nicki Minaj without all that barbie stuff..

Double Dutch!