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black panther - chic & powerful. Interesting propaganda image - women want to look like her (although perhaps without the rifle) and men just want her. I wonder where this woman is today?

Between 1680 and 1700, as fewer Europeans migrated to the colonies, planters began to import more Africans as slaves. the House of Burgesses in Virginia enacted a new slave code in 1705; added new provisions that embedded the principles of white supremacy in the law. By the early 18th century, colonial courts and legislatures had racialized slavery,essentially creating a caste system in which slavery applied nearly exclusively to Black Africans,people of African descent, and Native Americans.

Slavery in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Huey Newton: “The racist dog policemen must withdraw immediately from our communities, cease their wanton murder and brutality and torture of black people, or face the wrath of the armed people.” January 17, 1969

Vintage Debutante Ball <--- This is a powerful image! LOVE THIS! (This is the life I always envisioned myself living when I was a little girl. ~Wanda)

Mexican dancer at the 2011 Drummondville Mondial des Cultures in Québec, Canada.

Africa | "Villaggio Senufo" 1972 | ©Fulvio Roiter

Zelda Harris - lead actress Troy from Crooklyn (then and now) - Princeton Graduate class of 2007

Pharrell x Common ♥

C L A S S I C K S - Pharrell x Common

Idris Elba

Africa | Masai woman. Mara, Kenya | ©Erich Rohrauer

Grace Jones

FASHION ICON —– Grace Jones now 61 | I AM JAMROCK

Black Girls' Media Declaration

Black Girls' Media Declaration

BLACK ART IN AMERICA - "Fresh from Julianne's Garden" by Preston Jackson