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Board of Man

An effort to add a few extra y chromosones to Pinterest. Etsy promos and recipes be darned.

Every man needs one of these

Steve McQueen with coffee donut [Monterey CA, 1962, photo by William Claxton]

  • Pavel Magaril

    “Hey, I really like your board. Can I participate? Please, send me an invitation! Thank you so much!”

Overly Manly Man. - Imgur

7 New Tim Howard Movies

Cordless Tool Station Woodworking Plan. This handy wall-hung holster stores your cordless drills, impact drivers, and nailers, while keeping accessories—especially those pesky battery chargers—contained and close at hand. Featured in the October 2013 issue of WOOD.

Commander Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond spy novels, taken during World War II

Spear through the head. (This guy was 16, so there wasn't anything important in the way.)

  • Julie N

    No hope for our youth? No hope for our future. Set them up for failure and they won't learn to try to succeed.

  • Jacinda Ayres

    Love the hope Julia cantor

1960 Chevrolet El Camino

Olds Cutlass

Good idea.

  • Maudie R

    wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a coloring book? and besides are you going to have my little pony and barbie tattoos? lol

  • Melanie Adams Dodson

    My daughter has done this since she could hold a marker! :) It's not about what they are coloring...It's the idea of coloring daddy!

  • Maudie R

    okay...a new perspective for me. :-)

  • Leslie Behrens

    Mine are! I have an outlined tat for each of my boys on my shoulder blades.

  • Melanie Adams Dodson

    :) My little girl loves to use magic markers on his fingernails too when he goes to sleep...That he doesn't love so much ;)