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Blue Night

セックスフレンド募集サイトランキング-iphone wall-

Seahorses are captured by the millions in China due to being used in Chinese medicine. They're also used for commercial use such as pendants and key chains. They also fall victims to fishing nets. Because of this they're facing extinction :( Want to help? google petitions to save them and support Ocean conservation organizations, like Oceana :)

Blue mandala

Blue Rose


Rosas azules

In the purple night… by AndoShow on 500px

In the purple night…

Blue rose

Blue Roses | Flowers Pictures | Flowers Wallpapers | Red Roses

The World's First Blue Rose... Blue_roseartificially_coloured_2 A truly blue rose has been the ultimate aspirations of rose breeders since 1840, when the horticultural societies of Britain and Belgium offered a prize of 500,000 francs to the first person to produce a genuinely blue rose. The feat wasn’t easy, but the company that created them is hoping it will be worth it.~Kathy~ www.dailygalaxy.c...

The World's First Blue Rose...

I love blue roses, and bright blue flowers in general. Tim is a clever, clever man and has picked up on this without me having to tell him (:

~~Blue Dahlia Flower Black Background by Natalie Kinnear, West Sussex~~